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Protect the Enterprise
Remove your Network and PCs from PCI Scope

P2PE Solutions: Protect Cardholder Data

XiIntercept P2PE solution is the latest PCI-validated, flexible call center solution utilizing proprietary tokenization technology to protect cardholder information by encrypting sensitive data from a PIN pad at the point of entry. The encrypted data is assigned a unique Token, which is returned to the Merchant, which is useless to thieves in the event of a breach. Paymetric’s P2PE solution boosts network safety by applying the highest level of data protection, which may reduce the Merchant’s scope for PCI DSS compliance and audits as well as the overall threat of a data breach.

A Merchant using Paymetric’s P2PE solution gains quantifiable benefits that address continuous data security threats. Paymetric can help you address your Enterprise security needs by seamlessly integrating the P2PE solution in a variety of systems including SAP, Oracle, and AS400 and also across multiple channels such as Retail, Call Center, and eCommerce.

  • Hardware encrypts credit card at pin pad entry
  • Removes network and PCs from PCI scope
  • Reduces audit costs
  • Protects from data breach
  • Integrates and tokenizes sensitive data with any ERP system—SAP, Oracle, AS400 and more


XiIntercept P2PE Diagram

Securing the Enterprise

P2PE and Tokenization
Tokenize sensitive cardholder data at a pin pad to remove network and PCs from PCI scope and protect from a data breach.

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Securing the Enterprise

Call Center Solutions
Keep sensitive cardholder data from entering your call center and dramatically reduce PCI scope and costs.

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XiIntercept P2PE

XiIntercept P2PE
Remove call center workstations, virtual terminals, and keyboards from your PCI DSS Cardholder Data Environment.

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